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Striving to create a society where sustainability is
second nature






Why "istEco"

Achieving a truly sustainable future will not solely rely on scientists, biologists or even self-proclaimed environmentalists. Sustainability requires the engagement of all walks of life from economists, to artists, journalists, tourists, realists, idealists.. Are you getting the gist? We are all part of one system and must work together to preserve it. 

We believe that true environmental sustainability can occur when we begin to redefine how we look at a variety of everyday actions. It's not just about swapping a few products for other products or approaching the massive waste problem by putting all of our plastics in the inadequate recycling basket. 


it's about a deeper level of awareness and istEco is here to help that awareness become second nature.

What we do


Compose simple eco-friendly alternatives for everyday life; saving you time and money, and easing the process of making ethical, environmentally, socially conscious decisions.

Through istEco we aim to offer an entire lifestyle that meets your needs while minimizing the negative impact on the world around us.


Got questions? Drop us a line

Thank you for your interest in taking a step toward reducing your environmental footprint! We'll email you shortly.

"Waste-Watchers" Program

Be a part of our one-of-a-kind program that will make reducing your household waste far easier.


We'll pick up items that are not collected by other municipal curbside recycling programs such as compost, e-waste, unwanted clothing, plastic bags, and more to keep them out of your house, out of a landfill, and out of our environment.


In addition, you can sign up to have everyday household and kitchen items (like cleaners, pantry food items etc) refilled by us through our reliable network of local retailers and delivered to your doorstep so you can drastically reduce your consumption of single use plastics.

Currently only available in Kansas City and surrounding areas but we're looking to partner with advocates across the country to expand this program in the near future. Fill out the form below for more information or sign up through the Waste Watchers tab. 

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