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-Don’t buy souvenirs at the airport, instead support local artisans during your stay.

-Book lodging with eco-friendly hotels or BnB’s.  

-Bringing a small set of reusable utensils/water bottle. With so many water refill stations these days bringing a reusable cup/water bottle also helps avoid overpaying for bottled. When this isn’t an option always try to recycle

-Know the history and the culture as well as local spots. Local celebrations and festivals are a perfect opportunity to have fun, sample traditional foods, and meet locals.

-Venture to lesser known places that may be less crowded than tourist hotspots.

-If the language is different than your own then try learning at least a few basic phrases.

-Exploring one area in depth by foot or bike are some great ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

-Supporting World Monuments and World Heritage Sites

-Take only photographs and leave only footprints because littering is “trashy” 

-“Voluntourism” helps.. helps save you money, helps you learn about the area, and helps local initiatives.

-Start a conservation conversation




travel with care

General tips for more conscientious travel

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