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Sustainable Substitutes for Individuals/Homes

Reducing the amount of resources required to meet our needs is something that's within our control but it requires that we think outside of the box. Everyday collective choices of individuals have a profound impact on the bigger picture, policies, and corporate practices.

How do you dispose of items like batteries, small electronics, or lightbulbs? These items contain materials that are toxic to soil and water but not able to be disposed of in municipal curbside recycling. If disposed of through proper channels it can be repurposed to reduce pressures on the earth's precious resources.

Sign-up w/ our Waste Watchers program and start refilling your containers instead of the landfill. It's the concept of a milkman but for everything else.  We offer many bathroom and kitchen staples.


Items listed below are for the Kansas City area. Don't live near KC but would like patio pickup refills on commonly used household products in your neck of the woods? Then please contact us as we strive to build a nationwide network. 

  • Laundry Soap 12¢ /oz

  • Laundry Powder 28¢ /oz 

  • Laundry Spot Treatment 50¢ /oz

  • Dish Soap 15¢/oz

  • Castile Soap 50¢/oz

  • Hand Soap 20¢/oz

  • Oneka Hair conditioner and Shampoo 70¢/oz

  • Griffin conditioner and shampoo $1.00/oz

  • African Black Soap 70¢/oz

  • Natural Astringents and Toners $1.50/oz

  • Essential Nourishing Lip and Eye Cream

  • Rice: Brown, Basmati, and Jasmine $3.69-$4.19 lb

  • Quinoa $3.69/lb

  • Oats: Rolled or Steel Cut $1.59-$1.89/lb

  • Organic Peanut Butter $3.70/lb

  •  Popcorn $1.49/lb

  • Beans: Black, Kidney, Navy, and Pinto $2.49-$3.19/lb

  • Granola $3.99/lb

  • Party Mix $6.79/lb

  • Trail Mix $7.19/lb

  • Almonds: Whole or Slivered

  • Sunflower Seeds $2.89/lb

  • Dark Chocolate Chips

  • Chocolate covered peanuts$2.29/lb

  • Coconut Shreds $4.79/lb

  • Dried Cranberries $3.99/lb

  • Flour, Sugar, Yeast

  • Salt and other Seasonings (fill out contact form for full list of products)

  • 30+ Loose Leaf Teas


 Try our curbside collection and refill pilot program!! The program serves two main functions...

1. To bolster the concept of refilling frequently used household items, thereby reducing our dependency on single-use plastic containers and...

2. Ease the process of composting food waste as well as recycling items not traditionally accepted in municipal recycling programs.

If you live in or near the major KC metropolitan area and are interested in learning more please click here and fill out the contact form!

Recycle right

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